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Here is our twist on the classic Dark Gianduja, a delicate blend of our 70% hazelnut praline and Jaguar dark chocolate, coated in a thin layer of chocolate.
You will be seduced from your first bite!


Enjoy our tasty blend of textures for this 03 crunchy bar, a mix of our hazelnut praliné, dark jaguar chocolate and cocoa nibs, covered with a layer of dark chocolate.
150 g

Are you ready to experience an almond butter that’s completely different from what you’re used to?

The cardamum brings in an enrapturing floral touch. Let it charm you!

This organic pur maple butter with Himalayan salt from Nos Cabanes is a favorite of Vicente. This sweet, savoury mix is addictive!


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We won't hide it from you, if you like caramel, bananas and chocolate, this spread is made for you! Look no further, order it now and you will be in for a treat.

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Do you love our products and want to give them as a gift but you don't know which flavor to choose?

Gift card is undoubtedly the best way to let the person choose from among all our spreads.
Collection of 6 gourmet spreads
The ideal gift for every situation, a wonderful surprise to introduce our extraordinary spreads to your loved ones, a delicious gift who will please anyone! 
Breakfast Discovery Box

Here is a nice selection of local products that we want to share with you. Our ❤️ favorites for this month of December!

This package is composed of:

1 Discovery box (Dark chocolate - Milk - Buckwheat) - Allo Simonne

1 Organic sweet savoury Granola - Les Belles Récoltes de Charlevoix

1 Oatmeal 240g - Apple & Strawberry - Gruo pas plate!

1 Scone mix 365g- Cranberry - Le monde est scone

1 Dark Chocolate bar 100g  *1 - État de Choc


Dark Chocolate x Almond x Brown Sugar

1 Bag of 300g of coffee beans

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This duo contains:

1 Bag of 300g of Rosalba Cifuentes coffee beans *Women Producers

1 jar of 220g Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Coffee Spread

The 94Celcius coffee is roasted once a week to guarantee freshness and quality.

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Going through your jar too fast? We've found the solution!

Many of you came to visit us at the workshop to pick up our family format, now it's finally available online.

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Being among the best in the world is what we have managed to do by developing this recipe. We can assure you that this is one of the best spreads you will ever eat.

What makes it special? A creamy and unctuous dark chocolate as if it were a milk chocolate but without any dairy products, let yourself be surprised!

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Quentin & Vincent fell in love with this Quebec company.

A tasty and fruity granola, with rich taste.

Go for it with your own eyes closed!


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The team loved this chocolate, apple and cranberry granola mix.

A special granola for the winter months, with dried apples, 70% dark chocolate and cranberries. Prepared at the farm, from our harvests.


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Big favorite of the team for this sweet and salty granola mix.

An original and surprising granola for a healthy snack or a nice breakfast.

Go for it with your eyes closed!


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It was while returning from a hike in the Charlevoix Massif in December 2020 (a well-deserved post-Christmas break🎄) that we came across Brigitte and Stéphane's granola! Their beautiful packaging is what immediately attracted us and pushed us to try it. We might as well tell you that a few minutes were enough for us to go through the whole bag!

Since they are agricultural producers, 70% of the ingredients in their granola come from their own harvest. They work with local products to create their recipes, such as maple syrup, sea buckthorn juice and dried fruit. They prepare their own line of products and their granolas are therefore handcrafted.
The "sweet and salty" flavor harmonizes the taste of honey, apple cider vinegar, cereals and roasted pumpkin seeds. An original and amazing granola for a healthy snack or a nice breakfast.

Organic certified by Ecocert Canada



Sweet apples and real strawberries! Now that's a good way to wake up! 240g

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Nathalie is our official supplier of maple sugar for our famous maple spread.

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