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Present Box (4x220g)
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The ideal gift for every situation, a wonderful surprise to introduce our extraordinary spreads to your loved ones, a delicious gift who will please anyone!

Put together your selection for your present box from our selection of spreads according to your tastes!

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Collection of 6 gourmet spreads
The ideal gift for every situation, a wonderful surprise to introduce our extraordinary spreads to your loved ones, a delicious gift who will please anyone! 
Discovery Box (3x100g)
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We suggest that you compose your own discovery box according to the options offered.

Hazelnut & Jaguar Chocolate
best seller

Developing this recipe placed us among the best in the world. We can declare with confidence it is one of the best spreads you will ever eat.

What makes it so special? Dark chocolate that is as creamy and unctuous as if it were milk chocolate, but without any dairy product. Let us surprise you with its unique flavor!
Crunchy and flavourful! Don’t hesitate to enjoy every bite.

Only four ingredients for this spread. More than 70% roasted hazelnuts, caramelized cane sugar, fresh vanilla and Fleur de Sel.
Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate 58%
Your favorite
The traditional, undefeated, milky, vanilla-flavored, medaled classic! It has been our clients’ favorite ever since the beginning of our journey.

Prepare yourself for a dive into your childhood memories.

We won't hide it from you, if you like caramel, bananas and chocolate, this spread is made for you! Look no further, order it now and you will be in for a treat.

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This chocolate spread is so good you will eat it directly from the jar! You will fall madly in love with it and risk finishing it in the blink of an eye.

Did you know? Our maple sugar is 100% made up of pure maple syrup. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is one of the healthiest sweeteners in the world.

Paired with hazelnuts and chocolate it can be discreet, but what you have here is a product sweetened with 100% maple.
Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate & Buckwheat 50%

Stop! You’ve got to believe us, it is imperative not to put a spoon in it, or you might never be able to stop!

Do you have an adventurous soul? Lightly roasted buckwheat grains are added to the recipe to make it extra crunchy.

The perfect match for coffee lovers, we’d bet a spoonful of this spread could replace a morning expresso any day!

We use whole coffee grains, home-ground to conserve all the aromas of the coffee.

Are you ready to experience an almond butter that’s completely different from what you’re used to?

The cardamum brings in an enrapturing floral touch. Let it charm you!

Going through your jar too fast? We've found the solution!

Many of you came to visit us at the workshop to pick up our family format, now it's finally available online.

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