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In 2017, Vincent & Quentin decided to focus on what matters and embarked on an adventure to share their love of the sweet life. Their craft and culinary artistry was quickly recognize by the awarding of several medals at the International Chocolate Awards.  We hope that our spreads bring you as much joy as we have found in making them.

Vincent, a roofer by training, left the construction world after more than 15 years to devote himself full-time to the new business.

After having obtained his diploma from the Provincial Hotel Management School in Namur, Belgium in 2006, Quentin pursued his interest in pastry and chocolate work.

Devoted to local products, Quentin and Vincent develop new recipes together as a result of their inspiration from other local artisans. The pair are devoted to the encouragement of local artistry and the support of the local economy.

But who is Simonne?

Simonne Allo is none other than the first and last name of Quentin’s grandmother! An amazing, inspiring woman with a big appetite to whom Quentin and Vincent wanted to pay tribute.

“There was always a slice of tarte au riz, a cheesecake, or chocolate pralines when we went to visit her. Originally from Namur but working in Brussels, she suggested that I come live with her. Those were undoubtedly 2 years of my life that I will never forget. Granny loved travel, flowers, and chocolate, and her love of good food was contagious! I like the idea of seeing her mouth water just looking down at us from her chocolatey heaven.” - Quentin

As you can imagine, these few words aren’t enough to describe her, but this gives you an idea of the beautiful person she was and of the memory that she was able to leave behind with her 9 children and 32 grandchildren.
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