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Questions about orders

Our products can be found in many places, including a variety of grocery stores, cafés and shops which are all on the point of sale list available on our website. You can also order our products online, directly from us, on our website; or come to see us at our Montreal shop. We’re always happy to see you and show you around the place!

Unfortunately, we have a policy of no refunds and no exchanges. However, if there is a problem with the products or your order, be sure to contact us either by phone at (514) 370-2487 or by e-mail at and we’ll do our best to address your concerns.

Normally, we process orders within two to three days and they usually arrive within seven days of being sent. The process can sometimes be slower during a rush period.

We give you the opportunity to choose your shipping method and your carrier. However, we reserve the right to modify it for logistical reasons, depending on the volume of orders and the availability of carriers. Delivery is free in Quebec and Ontario for an order of $100, before taxes and promotions applied.

At Allo simonne, we try as much as possible to use recycled paper and cardboard, including the paper that we use as protection in our packages. We also like to reuse used cardboard boxes, so don’t be fooled by the writing on our boxes!

General questions

We use high-quality ingredients, such as “Jaguare” chocolate beans and organic, Montreal-made chocolate. We guarantee an adequate salary and good work conditions to our employees. Quite simply, the fact that we produce everything ourselves in Montreal in our shop generates costs much higher than if we used subcontractors. We try as much as possible to favor ingredients and materials that are ecological and high-quality. Unlike the majority of other similar products on sale right now, we do not use any added oil, but simply a higher quantity of hazelnuts, which makes quite a difference in the price of our products…and even more in their taste!

All our products are directly made in our shop at 5550 Fullum street, in Montreal, except for the Banana Caramel spread and the chocolate bars, which are made in the État de choc shop.

Of course! We’re always happy to see you and show you around the place. If you come take your order at the shop, you won’t have to pay any shipping fee.

Our finished products do not have an official organic certification from the government, but several of our ingredients do.

It’s part of our future projects to become certified as organic in the future, but unfortunately, we aren’t able to afford buying only organic ingredients just yet.

We’re always working hard to improve our labels and we thus added the “organic” adjective next to the ingredients that fit it in the ingredients list, but it sometimes happens that we use the old labels that do not have that information.

No, we roast the nuts ourselves to develop the taste. Roasting the nuts also prevents them from becoming rancid.

Almost all our products are vegan, except the milk chocolate spread and the banana caramel spread. We are currently working to obtain a vegan certification for all the concerned products.

In the shop itself, there are no ingredients containing gluten, so we can certify that none of our products contain gluten, except for the banana caramel spread which is made in the État de choc shop, where we cannot personally guarantee there is no gluten.

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Questions about the spreads

No, do as you like, the spreads will however be harder if they are refrigerated, but will also last longer since the hazelnut oil won’t become separated from the rest of the mix by the heat.

Usually, you don’t need to stir the spread. However, in the long run, sometimes the hazelnut oil or cocoa butter rises to the surface, or that white crystals are formed in the cold, and in those cases, stirring the spread can solve the problem. It’s even more efficient if you slightly heat the spread beforehand.

Yes, we use less than 30% of organic cane sugar in our spreads. We use a 100% dark chocolate.

No, we do not add any oil in our spreads. We just add more nuts.

When the hazelnut oil rises to the surface, it sometimes happens that the cocoa butter, which is present in the 100% dark chocolate, separates also and congeals in little white crystals at the surface of the jar. Don’t worry, the spread did not suddenly become inedible, and you only need to heat it in the micro-wave and stir it to return it to its creamy, unctuous texture.

About the environmental and social impacts

- We have opted for re-usable and recyclable glass jars. You also have the option of coming to the shop to give us your washed, empty jars so that we can re-use them.

- We try to, as much as we can, use recyclable and re-usable materials for the wrapping and shipping of our products. We use recycled paper for the package stuffing and the wrapping of some ingredients, such as cane sugar bags. As such, it’s possible for you to receive a package whose paper has a sweet smell to it. We also re-use cardboard boxes to reduce our cardboard consumption.

- Unlike the majority of similar products, we do not use palm oil.

- We use chocolate that 100% comes from the Dominican Republic, specifically, from the Zorzal reserve, which for a long time has worked hard to preserve the biodiversity in the reserve by focusing also on restoring the birds’ natural habitat and reducing the impacts of global warming.

- As soon as possible, we use Québécois ingredients in our recipes to encourage the local economy and reduce the environmental impacts of transportation. For example, we use maple sugar from the Domaine des 15 lots, coffee from the micro-roaster 94 Celsius and chocolate made in Montreal by Chocolats Monarque.

- We try as much as possible to re-use everything we can, including the boxes in which we receive the ingredients we ordered, which we re-use for shipping.

Yes, almost all our products are available in bulk in many stores throughout Quebec.

Absolutely, which is why we offer family-size buckets of spread to reduce individual wrapping and over-packaging. We offer two formats, 1 kg or 2 kg.

Yes, we can take back all jars and containers to re-use them.

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