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Ma santé mentale en tant qu’entrepreneur

My mental health as an entrepreneur

Let's talk about mental health, entrepreneurship and well-being. Because like any self-respecting entrepreneur, we love our job but we don't always pay enough attention to our mental health

Taking a step back

Entrepreneurship is not only a thrilling occupation, it's a way of life! I voluntarily chose the entrepreneurial life by embarking on the Allo Simonne adventure, and I want to enjoy each and every minute of it. 

But to do that, you have to know how to surround yourself with the right people, take a step back and clear your head.

It is very important to take a step back. For example, when our projects are not going as well as we would like them to and this brings pressure, stress or frustration, it is a good time to stop, assess the situation in a detached way, and review our priorities. You should not hesitate to temporarily distance yourself from problems in order to refocus on yourself and regain your motivation. This can be done through activities that make you feel good: playing sports, reading a good book, relaxing. These mental breaks are so beneficial that they give us a boost, allow us to think clearly again and give us the means to grow, quite simply.

Knowing how to respect yourself

Over the years, I have found myself thinking a lot about both entrepreneurship and mental health. My way of doing things is to give it my all, work very hard in the field, and get involved mentally and emotionally. I also tend to be very supportive and attached to the people around me, whether it's other entrepreneurs, my colleagues and our clients.

When I dig a little deeper, I am sure that all this comes from a part of me that wants to have good esteem, a good image of myself and that sometimes forbids itself to show weaknesses. As a person, but especially as an entrepreneur, because in our role we rarely have room for error.

We surround ourselves with people, we take big decisions, we constantly put ourselves in tune with the machine and we lack time and consideration for ourselves. To study, to understand ourselves, to question our needs, our desires, to do ourselves good, to disconnect, to let go.

If you are not fulfilled in your life, you cannot be fulfilled at work. This is something that is even truer in the world of entrepreneurship where work is such an important part of our lives. 

Hence the importance of never losing sight of the fact that it is essential to think of yourself, and to respect your limits.

In my case, this involves letting go and disconnecting: meditating, travelling, reading a book and especially spending quality time with people who matter to me.

For me, these reflections are necessary to ensure that we are always moving in the right direction by being true to our business' values and objectives, but also and above all to who we are as a person

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Anne Gauthier / Nov 07, 2023 at 12:11

Hey bien!!! Si j’avais su qu’un pot de tartinade m’offrirait autant! Je suis une bibitte à sucre mais pas n’importe quoi…je ne veux pas trop manger de dessert mais il faut ABSOLUMENT que je finisse le repas par quelque chose de sucré…et j’adoooooooore le chocolat…En allant à la pâtissserie avec une amie, j’ai vu votre pot de “noisettes, chocolat, café” et j’ai lu les ingrédients…wow! tout ce qui faut mais pas de cochonnerie! un régal! je prend une “cuillèrée” après le souper ou le diner et vraiment, ça goûte le ciel….je suis conquise…
Ah oui, j’ai aussi lu le texte de Vincent sur la santé mentale et l’entreprenariat…il tombait à pic…comme quoi il n’y a jamais de hasard dans la vie alors, MERCI Simone! et merci infiniment à vous!

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