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La petite histoire derrière nos barres à croquer 🍫

The story behind our crunchy bars

Behind every project, there is a little story ✨, here is the one about our crunchy bars.

Earlier this year, we had to put some of our employees on partial unemployment for 3 months, due to a lack of work because of the pandemic. We then wonder how we could prevent this from happening again in 2022 in case the crises would continue.

It’s when we got the idea 💡 to develop a “chocolaterie” range that would allow us to continue working during this off-peak period.

We know that chocolate is consumed a lot on Valentine's Day, Easter… etc. And it was while thinking about this concept that we thought of Gianduja bars, this tasty mixture of hazelnut paste and milk chocolate 🍫

👨‍🍳 The principle was simple, we just had to slightly rework the spreads recipe in order to turn it into bars. After several tests, we came up with the first version, which was a bit different and not coated with chocolate.

Satisfied with the result, it was time to get your opinions. Over a hundred of you received a sample this summer and gave us your feedback. It was super helpful and we were able to fine-tune the recipe, the shape and achieve the result that you recently discovered.

📦 Then we developed the packaging, which took us a long time but to get to a result we’re very proud of: an ecological packaging made in Quebec from a hemp fiber cardboard that comes from the US. The beginning of our transition to greener packaging 💚 A big thanks by the way to Triton group, located in Blainville, who supported us in this project and developed this custom box.

💬 So we hope you enjoyed our little story.

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