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We won't hide it from you, if you like caramel, bananas and chocolate, this spread is made for you! Look no further, order it now and you will be in for a treat.

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Are you ready to experience an almond butter that’s completely different from what you’re used to?

The cardamum brings in an enrapturing floral touch. Let it charm you!

220 g


Coffret cadeau composé de 4 pots de 220g
  • Noisettes & Chocolat au Lait;
  • Noisettes, Chocolat Noir & Sarrasin
  • Noisettes & Chocolat Noir
  • Praliné Noisette 

Our yellow discovery box is composed of 3 spreads of 100g:

Dark chocolate, Milk and Buckwheat

Our blue discovery box is composed of 3 spreads of 100g

Dark Chocolate, Maple and Coffee

Our pink discovery box is composed of 3 spreads of 100 g:

Milk, Maple and Buckwheat

Here is a nice composition to discover the Allo Simonne products

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Allo Simonne is proud to support the Fondation Jeunes en Tête*.
For each box sold, we donate $1.

We have gathered our most popular spreads in a beautiful box, with a new illustration by Marlone. 🌼🌺

Always a nice surprise to show off our amazing spreads, a super gourmet gift! Feel free to add a personalized note, we will be happy to attach it to your order. 
If you're a chocolate lover like us,
choose our collection.

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Here is our selection of spreads, made up of our new products and our great classics.

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