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Back to basics

Eating healthy is important, especially when it comes to products you eat often! We don’t like to brag, but if you’re looking for a local, healthy alternative to your usual breakfast spreads, Allo Simonne’s the place to go!.

Why? Because our spreads have been recognized as among the best in the world.

Delicious spreads, no added oils

None of the spreads we’ve created have any added oils. How? By adding several times more real hazelnuts into the mix than most of our competition. We’ve made it our star ingredient. (except for our almond & cardamum spread, of course, which doesn’t contain any hazelnut, but no added oil either).

For us, the quality of our ingredients is the number one priority. Allo Simonne guarantees spreads without added oils, flavors, additives or preservatives.

An unforgettable experience

Just one spoonful will convince you! Our spreads can make your tastebuds travel through time, reminding you of family brunches and mom’s snacktime chocolate-covered toasts.

Our spreads will awaken something in you, we guarantee it!

Many of our products received prizes at the International Chocolate Awards. Our Jaguar spread won gold in Canada, and we even got overall second place in 2019, at the world finals in Italy.

Our spreads run the whole gamut

We’ve got a little something for everyone! Our current choice of 9 healthy, gourmet, creative spreads is sure to find its place into anyone’s heart.

From the roasting of the nuts to the filling of the jars, we control every step of the production in our workshop in the heart of Montreal. This allows us to offer you a selection of spreads in constant evolution.
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